New Offerings From GETA

Happy New Year! The staff at GETA hopes that 2020 brings prosperity and growth to all of our small business clients and great refunds to our individuals.

We’ve changed a few things in our house and wanted to take a moment to make a few announcements:

  1. Auto pay options now available
    • Tired of forgetting to pay your monthly bill? Don’t have checks? Our of time? We’ve got your back! Auto pay is an easy, convenient way to ensure you never get behind on your accounting fees again. Signing up by emailing Enrollment takes less than 5 minutes!
  2. Advanced billing
    • By popular demand, bookkeeping and payroll services will be billed on the first working day of each month for the current month. No more back logged bills! This offers our customers predictability and consistency with their monthly accounting invoices.
  3. Online booking
    • Can’t reach us by phone? You can book your tax appointment via our Facebook page!
  4. Accounts receivable and payable management
    • Invoicing and paying bills is often a time consuming, mundane task that keeps you from doing what you do best. You can now expand your accounting services to include monthly receivable and payable management and GETA will take these off your plate. Email for more information.
  5. Quickbooks Online
    • We now offer bookkeeping via Quickbooks Online. You can take a more hands on approach to your financial records with this online platform while still reaping the benefits of an external bookkeeper. As a bonus: enrolling through GETA can save you 50% of the subscription price!

Check back regularly for tax tips and articles on hot topics. Have a service or feature you wish we offered? Leave a comment and we’ll see what we can do!

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